Common Technical Writing Mistakes

Misreading Your Audience – Your writing should be centered around the interests and needs of your audience.


Displaying Inadequate Content – Ensure that you have conducted your research so that your written information is accurate.


Using Technical Jargon and Acronyms – Always take a simplistic view of your writing. Often the audience becomes confused when attempting to decode acronyms and technical jargon.

The World of Technical Writing

The world of technical writing encompasses many genres, such as professional memorandums, technical instructions, resumes, cover letters, social media platforms, technical proposals, and of course blogging. Although each genre has different components, it is very important to focus on your audience. A good technical writer must know his or her audience and strive to engage them no matter the writing genre.


Remember, “Presentation is Everything!” Never allow your technical writing to get lost in translation. In other words, always ensure that your writing is concise and easy to understand. When writing instructions, ensure that they are detailed, user-friendly and flow like a river on a mountain side. Incorporate visuals into your written presentations to engage your audience. How well you present your work to your audience tells a story about you as a technical writer.